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Well worn builders boots

well worn builders boots (sepia)

well worn builders boots (sepia)

Already one week into my daily photo blog post project:) – Today’s pic is something quite different from the usual eastern & automotive sets. We are currently renovating a massive showroom and during our inspection walks today I spotted this pair of well worn builders boots. It was literally asking to be photographed.

I moved them into position and placed the camera on the ground to get this angle. A significant amount of photoshop adjustments included cropping and converting into black & white as well as sepia. I’m leaning to the sepia version as my favorite but have posted all 3 into this post.

Exif data on the image: F10 at 1/15sec. ISO 100 with a 55mm focal length


Honda Revcounter

Going back to some automotive concepts, today’s daily photo is a long exposure shot of a tachometer & needle revving up. I was hoping to get this Honda all the way to the red-line but alas, they dont make the 1.5l Honda’s like they used and all we could get was to 4500rpm.

I’m happy to say that, apart from a crop, absolutely zero photo editing or color adjustments were done.
Exif data : F9.9 at 4seconds on ISO 100 with a 135mm focal length.

honda rev counter


Love & Friendship Arabic Coaster

Continuing on my daily photo project. Unfortunately I left my tripod at the office and decided to get a bit creative with a photo for today.

This is a coaster which we purchased from a crafts store in Cairo (Korba district). The image was shot on a kitchen counter-top in total darkness over a very long exposure. I used a torch to paint some light over to bring out the wood. Final touch up in photoshop involved cropping and overlaying a duplicate layer (screen blend)

Technical details: F/8 at 13seconds. ISO 100 & 47mm focal length

If reading Arabic calligraphy is tricky, the text reads Hubb wa Mawaddah (Love & Friendship)

arabic wooden coaster


Incense Burner

The fourth day of my little ‘daily photo’ project. I’m quite pleased with this one. There are heaps of urban grunge and textures nearby the office while back home we have more softer eastern Islamic shapes and textures. Expect to see more of this in coming days.

This image is a close up shot of an incense burner, I shot in total darkness, the light inside the burner comes from a tiny candle. No image adjustments were made apart from cropping out much of the background.

As for the image details, shot manually F6.4 at 30sec. ISO 100 with a 32mm focal length

incense burner

30second exposure shot of an incense burner


Inside a Masjid Dome

Below is the paintwork done on the inside dome of the Masjid across the road from home. This picture shows the detail of the inner dome which covers the main prayer area.

As for the photograph
Shot manually: F16 at 1/61second. 55mm, Iso 100

masjid quba dome paintwork


Photo a Day: 28th August – VW Corrado

So after posting this twitter status, I’m going to do the cliched photo-a-day project for this site. Lets see how this pans out. Have a ton of great ideas ranging from Islamic patterns, grunge textures, skylines and the obligatory automotive images.

Below is today’s image.

A left hand drive Volkswagen Corrado, we (autostyle) purchased this about 8 months ago and slowly but surely restoring it to its former glory. Shot manually on a Canon 1000D F/11 – 1/15sec @ ISO 100. Bunch of photoshop gradients, overlays & cropping to give the final result below:

click to enlarge

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