Photowalk Johannesburg

A few weeks ago,  we went on a Sunday photo-walk of Johannesburg.  Using the Red Bus Tour service as our transport, we started at the Apartheid Museum (next to Gold Reef City) and worked out our into Johannesburg.  From Ferreirasdorp to Carlton Center’s Top of Africa viewpoint.  Johannesburg CBD on a Sunday provides ample of photo opportunities. Clean and safe.  Like all cities, plan your photo-walk as a group.

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Kwantu Wildlife Photo Set

Last week Saaleha and I spent a few days at Kwantu Game Reserve.  Being a mid-week break, we scored on their pay for 2 nights, stay for 3 promotion. Kwantu has gained a popular reputation with the South African Muslim community. Being Muslim owned & operated makes it a very halal-friendly destination. Along with their 5-star graded accommodation, all meals are included. They have 2 professional chefs in-house and can easily cater for specific diet requirements. During our stay, a group practicing Jainism arrive. The Jain diet is one of the strictest vegetarian diets, this posed no problem for the chefs who created unique and well received meals for the group.

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An easier way to transfer WordPress websites

At some point in your WordPress adventures you will have to move a website. Either from one server to another, using the same domain name,  or from one domain to an entirely different domain name.

As easy as WordPress is to use, simply copying and uploading your files won’t cut it.  You will have to edit a few lines in your MySQL database, and then copy things over.

You could (and I use) use a plugin like BackupBuddy to automate this process – I have used Backupbuddy numerous times and it worked pretty well for most of hte part.  A few issues with overzealous server administrators not supplying relevant permissions often slowed things down however the $80 price-tag might just scare some people off. Especially if you just need this as a one time use.

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New York & Islamic Armour Showcase

More New York Instagrams, this time showcasing the Islamic armour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, old NYPD headquarters, history buildings in SoHo & Grand Central station



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