German Sunset

german sunset

Seems the travel bug has crept it again, last major trip was a frantic Germany/Switzerland/Italy/Dubai week. Under the guise of a motorshow, we flew out a few days early and drove through switzerland to Monza for the F1 Gp.

Alas I’v yet to upload pictures of the road trip to my photogallery, hoping this weekend it’ll finally happen.

The above is a teaser.

Shot on my trusty 300D somewhere between Wolfsburg & Frankfurt. That somewhere is a 500km+ distance! I’ll be damned if i still remember the place. Sunset sure was beautiful.


MyUmmah launches

This past weeksaw the launch of MyUmmah.co.za - Somewhat new and dareI say unique to the South Africanmuslim web community.Usingthe Digg philosophy of user generated content and submissions. MyUmmah allows anyone to register and post articles, links, editorials and more. These then go into the ‘unpublished’ area. Depending on the qualityof content,visitors to the site candecide to votefor it. The morevotes it receives, the better its rankingwhich ultimately leads to being published as well as pushed to the top of the listing.

Quite new technology to me, i’v utilised Pligg for the entire system. An open source script, hacked a few modificationsto the look and feel. Hopefully as timegoes byI’ll modify it further.

Traffic wise it looks promising. In the first weekthe site has received just over 1300 page impressions with a tad under 500 visitors. While very little SEO work has been done,I have had the good fortune of being backed by Al-Islaah & MuslimsAtWork who’semail newsletters have a combined membership of over 35 000 subscribers! IncidentallyI provide them with the mail sending service pro bono.


Drink Nos Launches in South Africa

Exciting times ahead with Drink Nos finally taking shape. We (myself, Autostyleand Raceline) have secured the rights to distribute the Drink Nos range of energy drinks in South Africa.

The website went live last nite with a handfull of changes left to do.A massive print & online campaign is planned. Huge collaborations with Autostyle Online, Speed & Sound Magazineas well as hard work and lots of dedication will bring this to the mainstream. Yes we arecompeting with a certain bull which loves to fly.

The site is my design, my lecturer at SA Photo College, Udo, assisted in creating the stunning photographs of the various drinks.

About the website: Its completely CMS driven, with all pages accessable through a secure backend section. This allows myself or my colleagues to easily edit and update infomation without the need of an html editor or even html knowledge. A WYSIWYG editor is thrown in to make editing a breeze. Opted to outsourcedthe programming bit and using MSN with an overseas freelancer, in less then a day we had a complete website! Given there are a few key updates which will make its way online as soon as the various documents and signed and submitted.

About the product: Well visit the website for more, in a nutshell. Cans are bigger then competitors, one flavour has a resealable bottle, while I stand to be corrected, is the ONLY energy drink which has this feature. Tastes alot like passion fruit with no bitter aftertaste commonly found with other drinks.

Check it out @ http://www.drinknos.co.za/


The infamous Tachometre crosses continents

My famous tachometre gets used on www.sthlmdreams.se/- The 700+ downloads worldwide, this guy decided to use it as a website background image. A polite broken english email requesting usage of the photo, who could possibly have the heart to say no;) Apparently they rotate six times a year.

Good to see sxc.hu promoting amatuer photographers work all over the world.

Click the image to see a larger screenshot


and the winner is…

Anyone who knows me, knows www.autostyle.co.za is my baby which I’v nurtured since 2000.??
What started as a basic online company profile soon became our product catalogue.? Between 2000 and 2004 there has been several design changes but all sported the same 100+page html backend.? Not the most efficient or standardised method but hey, it got the job done.

In June 2005, we launched a full blow online ecommerce store and? in mid 2006 I gave this a slick new facelift.? Having overseen the backend development, I chose to allow I-Group to design the front end look & feel.?? Now I’m not saying they did a bad job, it worked, it worked well for 10 months but the time had come for a new design and this time I made it a point to improve the layout, colors & general feel of the website.

Today, the stats read:
96 000 monthly visits
1.6 million monthly page impressions
12800 registered shoppers
27540 e-newsletter subscribers
Google Ranking of 5 and counting.

Fitting that we receive the award for 2006 Best Automotive Website, beating the likes of Autotrader, McArthy and more.

Now thats how we start the new year!


holding thumbs for 15th January

Last last year Jump Shopping decided to host the 2006 South African E-Commerce Awards.??
“The 2006 South African E-Commerce Awards are run by Jump Shopping, South Africa’s leading online shopping search engine, and entry is free. Jump Shopping identified the opportunity for such an awards event, and took the opportunity to start this as part of their goal to uplift e-commerce in South Africa.

These awards have been designed to recognise and reward those companies and organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet, with specific emphasis on e-commerce. The Awards are open to South African businesses based in South Africa.”

I’ll save the The Autostyle Motorsport history lesson for another time.? Nominated in November and voting took place during December. This Monday the panel of judges choose the winners.?? Nominations in the Automotive category is rather debatable with?Autostyle being the only real ‘online store’ while the others are more of a classifieds/listing type services.

Win or lose, I’d like to think its still an accomplishment and a feather in the hat of a rather niche industry. Anything to give us and fellow car styling junkies more exposure is always a good thing!

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