Quickly Turn a WooCommerce Store into a Catalog

I’ve been rolling out a few WooCommerce based online stores recently, this time the client requested to take down his store for 2 weeks. His business is still in early startup stage and running the store solo, he was going on vacation and unfortunately could not find an assistant in time. While he is able to answer emails & queries, physically packing and delivering goods will not be possible.

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An easier way to transfer WordPress websites

At some point in your WordPress adventures you will have to move a website. Either from one server to another, using the same domain name,  or from one domain to an entirely different domain name.

As easy as WordPress is to use, simply copying and uploading your files won’t cut it.  You will have to edit a few lines in your MySQL database, and then copy things over.

You could (and I use) use a plugin like BackupBuddy to automate this process – I have used Backupbuddy numerous times and it worked pretty well for most of hte part.  A few issues with overzealous server administrators not supplying relevant permissions often slowed things down however the $80 price-tag might just scare some people off. Especially if you just need this as a one time use.

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