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Fixing a hacked wordpress site

Recently 2 of my wordpress powered websites were hacked. Not really taken down like traditional hacks but rather some random code or script was injected into the header and/or footer areas of the site. Both websites are on separate web hosts and in both cases sites were running wordpress 2.8 (not the latest one)

One solution is to delete ALL folders & files in your wordpress site but save the WP-Content Folder & wp-config.php file. Upload the new wordpress files and run the upgrade utility in your admin login area.
In essence this is how you manually upgrade your site
However sometimes your theme files could also be infected so running an upgrade would not help. Read More »


Web hosting Recommendations

Recently I have been subjected to a spate of emails and telephone calls from friends and strangers asking me to host their website. I’m no web hosting guru, and do not plan to be one. Yes I have a the odd dedicated server, shared hosting and so on which I use to host my own sites and a few close clients.

Everyone else? Allow me to recommend a few companies. The first two I can personally testify to their excellent service and competitive pricing. You get what you pay for and the $1.99 rubbish from the so called companies, well that can only end badly. Read More »


Watch what you say on Facebook

Another Facebook user gets himself in hotwater. This time it’s an employee who works on weekends and during varsity holidays. Poor bloke has just opened himself up to a world of problems.

a) i know his family, b) it concerns our company, c) his bigger brother is also on facebook,

And no, our place has not gotten worse as per the message. We continue to dominate in our industry, just moved to a stunning new showroom, winning awards and much more. However, if you are a slacker – yes life has been more difficult as our processes have become more and more efficient and anti-laziness. The face that this guy looks forward to wasting another year in varsity angers me. Rather take that money and start a business or help a less fortunate student. Varsity students, rich or poor, should be made to pay for their tuition or pay back the amount once they start their careers. Relying on daddy is not going to last forever.

I have blurred out names & faces to preserve some sort of reputation for said facebook user.

Message was not posted on my Wall but a friend of a friends wall. We all know that what you say online, one day, someone will find it and use it against you.

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