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Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show 10th June 2012

More good news in the form of price drops this week with Vodacom launching lower data contracts. 1gig for R99, 2gigs for R149 and 3gigs for R199 monthly. Both give you double the data for after hours browsing between midnight and 5am.

Although I still think 8ta offer the best data contract with their 10gigs for R199. Just make sure you fall within their coverage map.

More good’ish news is that from August, Telkom will be upgrading all 384k Adsl subscribers to a 1meg linespeed and all 1meg customers get upgraded to 2meg. All this at no extra cost.


Adsl Speeds and Telkom
One of our listeners notified that he was paying Telkom for a 4meg line but was only getting speeds up to 1meg. Most likely exchange related and if that is the case he should not be paying for the higher packages.
If you are not sure what speed your broadband is and unsure of how to access your router, simply visit and perform the quick 1minute test to confirm your line speed.

Learn Arabic iPad Application
Baba Ali of the famous UmmahFilms Youtube series has released a nifty Arabic educational iPad application.

The application teaches you to write all 28 arabic alphabet, arabic numbers as well as hearing the sounds of the various letters and numbers. It has a little alphabet song to make the learning curve easier.

A unique feature is that the program corrects you when making a mistake.

A a cost of a mere $2.99, this is well worth it and will provide hours of constructive learning for your kids.

The Cute Arabic Alphabet app can be purchased through Apples iTunes store here

Check out the video:


Facebook Smartphone Rumours
We closed the show with a little rumour of Facebook releasing their own smartphone. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and Facebook has being hiring various hardware engineers including a former Apple employee. Nothing has been confirmed or denied by Facebook and if rumours are true, we could possible see this in the market by early 2013.

visit Bandwidth Blog for pictures and more info




Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show 3rd June 2012

Todays Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle returned today after a 2 week break.

A common question with our listeners is the difference between an ADSL Modem and a Router.
Short answer: A modem plugs directly into your PC, while a router allows you to connect multiple devices to it and if the router supports wifi, you can connect your tablets, cellphones and laptops.

You’d want to get a router over a modem. Your typical ADSL router with WiFi and 4 Ethernet ports cost R400 upwards.

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Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show 13 May 2012

After a 2 week break, we resumed or weekly Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show.

With all the recent price hikes around the country, we had some good news with ADSL capped and uncapped prices dropping across the board.

Being an Afrihost customer, I’v had tremendous savings on all our Adsl accounts.
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New Ipad Pricing
The new iPad (aka iPad 3) was released to the South African market on 27th April. Pricing has been quite competitive with the rest of the world and is available at hundreds of locations countrywide.

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Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show 22nd April 2012

Today’s Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show was inspiring, heartwarming and full of interesting facts.

We started of with “What happens in one minute on the internet”
Some figures include:


  • 3000 photo’s uploaded
  • 100 000 twitter tweets
  • 6 million Facebook views
  • 2 million searches on Google
  • 1.3 million views on YouTube and
  • 30 hours of YouTube video is uploaded
  • 204 million emails sent
  • $83 000 worth of sales on

For the full article and infographic, visit
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Radio Islam Digital Lifestyle Show – April 15th 2012

Many listeners ask us about the topics and websites we speak about on our weekly Digital Lifestyle show on Radio Islam. I’ve decided to post brief summaries of each weeks show.

This week (sunday 15th April) we spoke on a variety of topics.

ML Sajjaad and I continue our Blackberry vs Android differences (me being a ‘droid fan), this time we spoke about RIM’s early beginnings in the mid 1980’s and their recent decision to refocus onto enterprise and corporate services. Interesting to note was this (enterprise) made RIM and Blackberry very successful, however during their hey days there was no iPhone or Android to compete with. Time will tell how this plays out. Having had the misfortune of using a BlackBerry a few weeks ago, I’m amazed at how their cluttered and awkward user interface has become such a hit in South Africa.

Ainonov Android Tablet
Available for a mere R1500 including delivery to any South African address, this 7″ Android powered tablet brings the latest version of Android (version 4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich) and a variety of features. Myself and Saaleha are contemplating buying this for our 10 year old niece. Well spec’d and very affordable, this is perfect for parents wanting to give their kids a useful and educational gadget.

Visit the Ainovo website for full details, pictures, specifications and ordering info.

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