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Fixing a hacked wordpress site

Recently 2 of my wordpress powered websites were hacked.  Not really taken down like traditional hacks but rather some random code or script was injected into the header and/or footer areas of the site.  Both websites  are on separate web hosts and in both cases sites were running wordpress 2.8 (not the latest one)

One solution is to delete ALL folders & files in your wordpress site but save the WP-Content Folder & wp-config.php file. Upload the new wordpress files and run the upgrade utility in your admin login area.
In essence this is how you manually upgrade your site
However sometimes your theme files could also be infected so running an upgrade would not help. Read More »


Autostyle Show Posters – from 2003 till today

The Autostyle Motorshow is a favorite in Durban’s motor enthusiast calender. Every year we hold a street festival outside our Umhlanga-Ridge store.

Back in 2003 we had this silly idea of a motor show and if 20 cars pitched, we were happy. Were we shocked when the day came, at 10am there were well over 100 vehicles and thousands of people dropping their jaws at Durban’s finest automotive rides. Rest assured the show was a huge success and immediately we planned for the next year.

As the years went by, it grew exponentially, we learned from previous years mistakes and fortunately I seem to have grown a bit in graphic design skills.

Below is a collection of each years poster. 2008 & 2009 were done in Photoshop while the rest were in Corel Draw.
I cringe today when looking at the first few years. Personally I think 2008 & my version of 2009 are the best of the lot.

These posters are somewhat of a juggling act trying to keep all sponsors happy by placing their logos, adding as much information about the actual event as well as making it as visible as possible. These get displayed on street poles, magazines, newspapers, leaflets and store windows.  2009 Autotrader came on board as a title sponsor and had their designers update the poster accordingly. The last image below is the Autotrader version while the second last is mine.

Click on the images to view a larger version:

2003 1st June (Custom) 2004 30th May (Custom)

2006 4th June (Custom) 2007 3rd June (Custom)

2009 31st may naeem (Custom) 2009 31st May autotrader (Custom)


Introducting: –


Giving you a Cooking Clue!

Foodblog is a wordpress powered site showcasing blogs, photofeeds and videostreams that only relate to food. And ONLY food.

Overtime I will list more and more (preferably South Africa) cooking blogs which will showcase all sorts of cultures & recipes.  Constantly updating as the bloggers update their website.

Check it out:



A non profit website for a non profit hajj & umrah foundation. Khitmatul Awaam

Khitmatul Awaam Services started a few months ago offering South African muslims an affordable hajj & umrah tour package. Their volunteers consist of learned Islamic scholars, doctors, lawyers & other professionals.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of the team and setup their website.

Once again, I have used WordPress as the CMS for their online presence. The ‘blog’ function of wordpress acts as their official press office, while a few static pages give visitors an overview of the foundation.

The response has been phenomenal. Rumour has it that the Saudi officials, so impressed by their professionalism & image, might appoint them as a second Hajj accreditor for 2009. Making them a modern & transparent opponent to the SAHUC foundation. If SAHUC & KASA had to compare websites, Kasa wins it outright 🙂




With the 2010 World Cup looming, anyone and everyone is seeking to capitalise on this business boom. Enter – born out of the import & marketing muscle of Autostyle Motorsport.  We carved this niche with several of our corporate suppliers asking us to source products for them.

Like most of my recent web projects, runs on wordpress which I have modified a theme to act as a CMS website.  Ironically we are not even using the core blog feature of WordPress.  The site is filled with static content. WordPress simply allowed me for a quicker & cost effective rollout of a CMS system.

I went for the cliche green grass design but gave it a modern facelift (did someone say web 2.0?) – Thanks to I scored some free vector graphics and mashed it all up to create the logo, header & splash page.

Visit – We Got Balls!

4Mar Relaunched

As mentioned a few days ago, i’v relaunched

This time round, I’m using wordpress mostly as an online archive for various Islamic resources that i come across online. My logic says, no point saving it in MyDocuments, rather make it available online, perhaps someone could be looking for similar resources. Looks like i was right as 52% of my visitors come from Google searches!

This is the rundown of what i used on
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Best Automotive Website Winner!







It’s official! has won the title of Best Automotive Website for 2007. Thats 2 years running!

This year, counted thousands of votes, additionally several of South Africa’s leading web guru’s gave their recommendations and once the dust settled, Autostyle Motorsport was crowned Best Automotive Website for 2007.

About the Awards
The 2007 South African E-Commerce Awards is run by Jump Shopping, South Africa’s leading online shopping search engine, and entry for the awards is free. Jump Shopping identified the opportunity for such an awards event in 2006, and took the opportunity to start this as part of their goal to uplift E-Commerce in South Africa. The awards are now in its second year.

These awards have been designed to recognise and reward those companies and organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet, with specific emphasis on E-Commerce. The Awards are open to South African businesses based in South Africa.

This being the second year for the awards it was important that a high standard of judging is in place when determining the winners. The panel of judges are all experts in their individual fields. The judges votes count 51% of the votes and the other 49% will be given to the public.

More about the 2007 South African Ecommerce Awards over here


evotuning is finally up and running. As with all online stores, new products will always be added and updated while the core of the site remains intact.

My role on this project consisted of:
Designing the entire look & feel of the EvoTuning brand & website, photograph & clean up the various product shots, train the EvoTuning staff on how to use the  CREloaded backend.  Price changes, updates, inserting new products and general day to day running of the website.  We’v done a bit of SEO in the form of html title tags, this will in time improve our search rankings and overall page ranking of the website. Needless to say, we are making rapid progress in the SA Automotive industry  and this B2B website is poised for great things.

In other news, has been nominated for  the 2007 Best Automotive Website in South Africa.  Some of you will recall us winning the 2006 award, this year I’m hoping to make it a back-to-back title!
Voting as already begun at:  & closes on the 23rd November 2007.




A few months ago we at Autostyle Motorsport decided to create  a seperate reseller division. So far its been very well received and growing beyond our expectations. 

 Like any new venture,  ecommerce is crucial to its success and so was born.  With a shoestring development budget I’v opted for OsCommerce powered by CREloaded.  The idea is to have a full fledged online store whereby retailers & consumers can purchase products.   Retailers, depending on their purchasing power, will be grouped automatically into specific price categories. 
Template design is complete and now the tedious template implementation has now begun.

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