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Cairo and Working Online

This post will breakdown the various tech that Iím using to continue work while travelling and studying in Cairo.

Firstup is hardware. Iím using a medium level Asus Notebook Ė K50ij series with 2gigs of ram, 320g storage, Intel Dual Core T4300.†† This has surprised me with its speed and ability to multi-task with Photoshop, Corel draw, Gmail and a few other browsers. Lastly a 500g external usb powered drive for daily backups of all files, settings, software, etc. Watching movies and playing games is not a priority hence a 15Ē LED backlit screen suits me just fine.

For file management between JHB offices, webclients and myself. We are all using Dropbox.† The 2gig free version is more then enough to keep things going smoothly.† Website updates, advert submissions and text documents are all handled through this. A few successful referrals has bumped me to about 4gigs of online storage.

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Designers & Artists with an Islamic Interest

I’m looking to get in touch with graphic designers, artists, illustrators and basically anyone in the creative arts field. Just one requirement is to have a leaning toward Islamic & Eastern designs.

I am working on – an online store and design blog.


Initially it’ll be stocking T-Shirts, Armbands and hand crafted Ramadan greeting cards.† We plan on launching at least one new design tshirt per month.† I would like to get in touch with artists who would like an online showcase to sell and promote their works. I will also be commissioning projects to said artists on an ongoing basis.† The focus is not only on selling goods.† I would like to feature any Islamic & Eastern art worldwide on the blog, perhaps interview prominent designers, painters and so on. Read More »


Best Automotive Website Winner!







It’s official! has won the title of Best Automotive Website for 2007. Thats 2 years running!

This year, counted thousands of votes, additionally several of South Africaís leading web guruís gave their recommendations and once the dust settled, Autostyle Motorsport was crowned Best Automotive Website for 2007.

About the Awards
The 2007 South African E-Commerce Awards is run by Jump Shopping, South Africaís leading online shopping search engine, and entry for the awards is free. Jump Shopping identified the opportunity for such an awards event in 2006, and took the opportunity to start this as part of their goal to uplift E-Commerce in South Africa. The awards are now in its second year.

These awards have been designed to recognise and reward those companies and organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet, with specific emphasis on E-Commerce. The Awards are open to South African businesses based in South Africa.

This being the second year for the awards it was important that a high standard of judging is in place when determining the winners. The panel of judges are all experts in their individual fields. The judges votes count 51% of the votes and the other 49% will be given to the public.

More about the 2007 South African Ecommerce Awards over here


Light & Shade

Allahu_smlOne more loyal fan to Google Reader. For anyone who reads blogs & news websites frequently, Google Reader, along with Google Toolbar is a must-have!

Anyway, earlier today I subscribed to, an excellant photoshop blog-meets-tutorial website. Their Light & Shade tutorial caught my eye and in all of 5 minutes I came up with the above graphic.

You can view the step-by-step tutorial from below:

Click on the image, or here for a larger 1024x768pixel version.

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