Singapore 2008


Sunsets from Langkawi

Below are pictures from the Langkawi leg of my Honeymoon in March. These beautiful sunsets where shot about 3km’s away from our residence at the Langkawi Lagoon Resort.

I planned this image slightly. We drove past the area about half hour before sunset and said to myself, I MUST return for a sunset photo shoot. Did the quick look-see at the little village that we planned and hurried back to this completely random location and on time for a glorious sunset.

The last photo was at the Langkawi Jeti area, more of the traditional tourist hotspot.

As always, pictures shot on my trusty Canon 300D


Singapore Zoo

More pictures from the Singapore/Malaysia Honeymoon. This time I’v featured some pictures from the amazing Singapore National Zoo.

Alas a fault Compact Flash card resulted in the loss of the better half of my photographs, nontheless I did manage to salvage a handful.

This zoo truly is massive, tons of wildlife ranging from the local animals to the cliche Big Five from Africa. In between there are beautiful parks & sliproads leading to smaller exhibitions for the tinier species. All in all, 6 hours well spent.


Singapore: Sentosa’s Songs of the Sea

The first picture gallery from our Singapore/Malaysia trip.

I’v used NEXgen photogallery which integrates into wordpress flawlessly with an impressive lightbox style photoviewer.

The photo’s below are from The Songs of the Sea, a daily evening show held on the beach of Sentosa Island. The storyline is nothing to shout about (singing and dancing while getting the attention of the water, fire, ice spirits to woo a maiden) The special effects is where its at, absolutely stunning. 3D Laser & CG Images are projected onto jets of water mist which uses the ocean as a stage. Throw in fireworks, flames & spectacular water effects and you have a winner!

These photographs were shot on my trust Canon 300D using a 1600I SO, exposures varied and average aperture was F3.5 to F5 (yes, really low light shooting) I’m happy to say that non of these images have been photoshop’d and color corrected. Merely cropped & resized for viewing.

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