Egypt 2010


Photo’s from the top of Mount Moosa

sunrise at the top of mount moosa

Decided to go through some past images from our trip to Egypt earlier this year. The images in this post were taken at the top of Mount Moosa (Jabel Moosa) in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Also known as Mount Sinai, Mount Horeb, Mount Musa, Jabal Musa. You can read more about this over at Wikipedia

It was quite an adventure getting to the top which starts with a 2 hour taxi drive at midnight. Then at about 2:30am, armed with a flashlight and light snacks you begin your hike to the top and push along to make it in time to witness the sunrise from the peak. Don’t expect to have any spiritual awakening here as you are joined with about 100+ tourists and dozens of Egyptian traders trying to sell you snacks and stones. Nevertheless, a tremendous experience and great photo opportunity.


Wadi Risch Rasch

We did a little desert trip labeled “Following the footsteps of King Farouk, the last king of Egypt”

Roughly 70km outside of Cairo, after the Helwan toll-road, the driver literally took a 90degree left turn off the highway into the desert. No markers or signs, just a GPS and a broken down concrete barrier showed the evidence of this unofficial route. Apparently Bedouins use this to cross through the mountains toward the Red Sea. Why? To smuggle hashish!

Approximately 10km into the desert on rocky dirt roads, the original tarmac road has be completely wiped out in the last 50 years by flash-floods and sandstorms, we reach the hunting outpost by King Farouk. Apparently this was also used to house the exiled King of Albania. These days Bedouins use this for a shelter or rendezvous point and all that’s left are empty structures and dried out gardens.

Lots of dusty wind, extreme heat and harsh sun meant many of the images below had to be photoshopped a bit.
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Sufi meets folk dance

A must see tourist attraction for the non tourist types. This sufi meets folk dance performance is held 3 times a week at the Wikalet El-Ghoury in the heart of Islamic Cairo.

History says that Sultan Qonsuah Al Ghoury was the sultan in the Memluk Dynasty. What is the theater today, housed merchants, markets & the Sultans family many generations ago. Apparently this building has been standing since the 15th century.

The performance is held every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday evenings. Entrance is completely free of charge and doors open at 7:30pm. I suggest you get there early as it tends to fill up quite quickly. The performance begins at 8:30pm and lasts for approximately One and a half hours.

Pictures below:


Celebrations in Misr

Tonight Egypt continue to dominate their appearances in the Africa Cup of Nations. A 1-0 win over Ghana secured their championship and put the streets of Cairo into a frenzy. We joint revellers in the streets of Mustafa Nahas Street, Madinet Nasr soaking up the celebrations.

Fun was had by all, from 1 year old babies wrapped in Egyptian flags to senior women in their niqaabs now sporting Egyptian flag colors. The absence of alcohol tends to prevent rowdiness and hooliganism normally associated with street parties.

Some photographs below.


Cairo and Working Online

This post will breakdown the various tech that Im using to continue work while travelling and studying in Cairo.

Firstup is hardware. Im using a medium level Asus Notebook K50ij series with 2gigs of ram, 320g storage, Intel Dual Core T4300. This has surprised me with its speed and ability to multi-task with Photoshop, Corel draw, Gmail and a few other browsers. Lastly a 500g external usb powered drive for daily backups of all files, settings, software, etc. Watching movies and playing games is not a priority hence a 15 LED backlit screen suits me just fine.

For file management between JHB offices, webclients and myself. We are all using Dropbox. The 2gig free version is more then enough to keep things going smoothly. Website updates, advert submissions and text documents are all handled through this. A few successful referrals has bumped me to about 4gigs of online storage.

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Onward to Cairo

Touchdown Cairo! – We landed in Cairo on Tuesday morning and spent most of the day registering with Al Diwan for arabic studies, Etisalat for Mobile & Broadband and lastly catching up on some much needed sleep.

The evening saw us take stroll exploring the surrounding areas of our hotel. Far from the hustle that Cairo cities are notorious for, instead this middle to upper class suburb meets city style was quite refreshing. From Ed Hardy boutiques to various sport shops and an impressive boutique bakery.

Some images below.

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