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Win some Nandos Goodness

*update* Winners are: Farzana , Irfaan Imamdin and Suhail Loonat

Nobody can say no to Nandos and there is nothing quite like the feeling of ending a fast with some peri peri Nandos chicken and a burger or three.

Recently Nandos launched their “whet your appetite” Ramadan Campaign, they hooked me up with some Nando’s meal vouchers.

Have a look at their cheeky Youtube commercial, and with Ramadan in full swing - we can all relate.

I have 3 R100 meal vouchers to give away to 3 of my blog readers.

How To enter?
Simply share one Ramadan tip or experience in the comments. Don’t forget to fill in your email address.

It’s not all fun and games though,Family and Heartfelt generosity are two values that Nandos hold dearly. They haves teamed up with Gift of the Givers and setup an initiative to bring meals to the hungry, checkout

A simply R20 SMS donation will make the world of a difference the hungry and destitute.

If you’d like to know more about Ramadan and getting the most out of it, check out the awesome Islamographics and the MyUmmah ramadan tag

Winners will be updated on this blog post on the 28th July 2012, be sure to check out and who are also running a similar contest.

*update* Winners are: Farzana , Irfaan Imamdin and Suhail Loonat


2011 Autostyle Motorshow

Recently we held our 8th annual Autostyle Motorshow in Umhlanga, Durban. What started of as a simple meetup of car enthusiasts has now become an annual tradition for us and each year the even gets bigger and bigger. This year unfortunately we could no longer host the event outside our store. Luckily the helpful guys at Gateway Shopping Centre partnered up with us and offered us full use of an entire parking lot. A mere 300m away from our store. Check out photographs over here

The event was absolutely awesome with Durban showcasing some of the best automotive styling concepts and designs out there. We commissioned to shoot the event, check out a trailer video of the days event.

Autostyle Expo Durban, South Africa from Freestyle Films on Vimeo.




A little facelift for

One of those constant tasks that never seem to get done, carpenters tools and all of that.

This blog has been a bit neglected on the design site lately. Luckily a few days ago Woothemes launched a free theme (which if it was premium I’d happily pay for!) Their layout, typesetting and overall look and feel fitted my needs like a glove.

Load it up and tweaked the .css styling a bit, added what is now my signature arabesque tiled background along with the big N logo and this is the end result.

You could call it an Eid gift for the blog.


Designers & Artists with an Islamic Interest

I’m looking to get in touch with graphic designers, artists, illustrators and basically anyone in the creative arts field. Just one requirement is to have a leaning toward Islamic & Eastern designs.

I am working on – an online store and design blog.


Initially it’ll be stocking T-Shirts, Armbands and hand crafted Ramadan greeting cards. We plan on launching at least one new design tshirt per month. I would like to get in touch with artists who would like an online showcase to sell and promote their works. I will also be commissioning projects to said artists on an ongoing basis. The focus is not only on selling goods. I would like to feature any Islamic & Eastern art worldwide on the blog, perhaps interview prominent designers, painters and so on. Read More »


Interviewed on

ImageA few days ago, after the last HeavyChef session, Fred from Ideate mailed me a short interview.

About Ideate: Fresh new ideas. Its about small business. Its about South Africa. Its also about money, innovation, progress, and gob-smackingly brilliant concepts. Most importantly, its about the people who come up with these concepts. We aim to examine the crazy, hyper-charged world of the small business owner, the serial entrepreneur and hopefully learn a few things on the way.

Read the full interview here


My Ecommerce Award

Nice to see Jump Shopping, the guys behind the South African E commerce Awards, giving a physical recognition for winning an award.

Autostyle Motorsport has won the award for Best Automotive website in 2006, 2007 & 2008.
Will we win 2009? I sure hope so.

A layout overhaul is already underway and should be up in a few weeks time and and a few other plans are in the pipeline to keep us ahead of our competitors as well as grow our online presence.

March 2009 saw Autostyle receive its highest ever traffic, 144 000 visitors viewing 1.79million pages. I’m curious to see where we rank up on WASA (websites association of South Africa)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge


2008 – A rollercoaster year

2008 has been a roller coaster of note, looking back on it, it was a time of huge gains, losses, experiences and much much more.

In the real world,

– March 15th, Married! – & – a union of internet junkies
– Honeymoon to Singapore, Langkawi Island and Malaysia’s Kuala Lampur
– A few weeks later, trip to the far east – Hong Kong and China’s Shanghai, Guangzhou & Beijing
– Hijacked! Got my South African colours when 2 gunmen stormed my home and made off with my car.
– The Autostyle Durban Motorshow – even bigger then before.
– Recovered! My Audi was recovered in Soweto, in mint condition with a newly fitted windscreen.
– Bought another house. This time on the doorstep of our local Masjid, bigger with alot more ‘room for potential’.
– Autostyle voted 2008 Best Automotive Website. That’s the 3rd year in a row.
– Autostyle moved into its stunning new Johannesburg showroom.

My online adventures never cease to amaze me, always learning new technologies, ideas & meeting all sorts of amazing people.
WordPress is my App of the year! is fast establishing itself in the South African muslim niche. What started as an online storage for Islamic content I find – now receives over 11 000 page impressions a month with just over 6000 visitors. A quick wordpress powered website for Khitmatul Awaam: South Africa’s first non profit hajj & umrah foundation. – A little sideline service from our Autostyle team. We do loads of imports and many agencies & corporate gift companies we work with indicated the need for custom branded soccerballs. Yes we are jumping in on 2010mania – a little job portal for our muslim community, plans are to revamp it and add some extra features to it.

2009 promises much more new projects, challenges and more importantly trying to uphold a balance between work, life and most importantly becoming a better muslim.

2008 proved that the Almighty truly does work in mysterious ways.
There is Hikma (wisdom) in all the good & bad we go through.

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