Transferring files from FTP to FTP without downloading

Moving and transferring websites is relatively easy.  As is the case with WordPress and Magento transfers, simply backup the files & database(s), download your zip file, upload the zip file to the new host, import the database and you’re good to go.  However with larger sites it becomes a bit more time consuming.

In this case, a client site decided to move away from Afrihost (poor service) and went with Internet Solutions Ignite web hosting.  A rather routine migration which normally is done in minutes (hat tip to Duplicator!) . However in this case, their website & database was nearly 1.5gigabytes!

If you know your way around SSH & command lines – this would be a breeze…. I dont.

Normally I’d have to download a 1.5gig zip file of the website, and then upload to the new server.

Enter:   MultCloud – https://www.multcloud.com

A free web browser application.  Sign up, fill in the FTP credentials for both servers.  Then simply “copy” the files over. MultCloud handles the transfer without you having to download a single file. And because its server to server, its much faster.

This nifty service also offers you the option to transfer between various cloud storage services.  Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box and many more. Great for managing multiple Dropbox accounts or various online storage & ftp transfers.

Here’s their pitch:

Do you have several cloud drives such as different account in Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive? If you want to manage these cloud drives, it is necessary to login each account, and then do some upload, download or synchronized operations. Have you ever thought of combining them together to manage just by logging once? Oh yeah, MULTCLOUD is the exact product! It will help you do the centralized management with all your Cloud Drives. Luckily, it is FREE, safe and reliable. Now, just join us at once!



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