Autostyle 2014 Website Revamp

Just over 2 years have passed since we migrated the Autostyle online store to Magento Community edition. Since then our site has grown tremendously, huge gains in traffic, search rankings and conversions. More importantly we’ve received very positive and constructive feedback from our customers.

During our migration, most of our focus (and budget) was put into the technical aspects. From custom stock notifications, custom shipping tables, listing orders and the mammoth task of migrating 45 000 registered shoppers and their order histories over to Magento.  The previous site was a custom built site so no ready made import/export scripts. Everything was coded from scratch.

Fast forward to 2014.  Mobile & tablet usage is surging and currently makes up nearly 35% of our total web traffic, and more then 50% of evening traffic!   Safe to say our old mobile theme design was under performing and not tapping into this audience as it should have.

For the 2014 Autostyle Redesign, we opted to use the Ultimo Magento theme as our base.  I highly recommend this theme, easy to use, very customizable and features are always being added.   We based our design on their theme and customized it further to fit our look and feel.   Going a premium theme route not only proved cost effective, but more then halved our development time.  Overall it went quite smoothly and hassle free, a few upgrades to our custom Magento extensions were needed (and expected).

The results have been very positive.  A larger, cleaner design that is full responsive. One week after this revamp we’ve seen very positive gains in mobile & tablet usage (no easy task when competing  with the 2014 World Cup).

Some highlights and features include a category sidebar with a few widgets to promote brands, recently viewed and a category tree (previously our product grids were full width).  Our single product view is now much more centered and cleaner with large readable fonts & larger ‘add to cart’ buttons.  Moving the long description to the bottom of the page gives us space for a few new features we’re busy with.

The photo gallery below with screenshots of the old site should give a better comparison.

Lastly, credit has to be given to Turnkeye.com who manage all our Magento programming and technical work,  as well as iMod Digital who provided invaluable insight to our search optimization and design process.


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