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*update* Winners are:  Farzana , Irfaan Imamdin and Suhail Loonat

Nobody can say no to Nandos and there is nothing quite like the feeling of ending a fast with some peri peri Nandos chicken and a burger or three.

Recently Nandos launched their “whet your appetite” Ramadan Campaign, they hooked me up with some Nando’s meal vouchers.

Have a look at their cheeky Youtube commercial, and with Ramadan in full swing -  we can all relate.

I have 3 R100 meal vouchers to give away to 3 of my blog readers.

How To enter?
Simply share one Ramadan tip or experience in the comments.  Don’t forget to fill in your email address.

It’s not all fun and games though, “Family” and “Heartfelt generosity” are two values that Nandos hold dearly.  They haves teamed up with Gift of the Givers and setup an initiative to bring meals to the hungry,  checkout  http://www.feedyoursoul.co.za/

A simply R20 SMS donation will make the world of a difference the hungry and destitute.

If you’d like to know more about Ramadan and getting the most out of it, check out the awesome Islamographics and the MyUmmah ramadan tag

Winners will be updated on this blog post on the 28th July 2012, be sure to  check out Zahira.co.za  and Nafisa.co.za who are also running a similar contest.

*update* Winners are:  Farzana , Irfaan Imamdin and Suhail Loonat

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  1. “Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace.” Observe patience with others during Ramadhaan, remember they are fasting too. Observe patience in all you say and do, especially with your wife and kids, remember they had a hard day too. Be patient with all your meals, remember those less fortunate than you. Be patient with your salaah, zhikr and ibadah, remember its in the quality not the quantity. Lastly be patient with yourself, remember all the little things, somehow they help make the big things easier. Love life, enjoy evey moment, and cherish every memory. Salaams.

  2. My best and most memorable Ramadaan experiences were the 7 years I spent in the USA. It was so different to anything that I knew growing up in South Africa.
    My first year there, Ramadaan was during the Winter and it was so strange to break fast as early as 4h30pm.
    Stranger still was being able to perform Taraweeh and Eid salaah in a local community centre.

    A diverse group of families and cultures got together at the local masjid to have iftaar together.
    Everyone brought a unique pot luck of dinner and there were so many dishes to savour and enjoy.
    My favourite dishes remain the syrup soaked Qatayef that my Palestinian neighbours brought by the tray loads.

  3. My ramadhaan tip is use this nandos voucher before taraweeh. Cause otherwise you’ll spend the whole taraweeh thinking of the saucy chicken and tender strips. Peri peri chips and tall 500ml slightly chilled coca-cola. The tangy coleslaw and the sweet cheesecake dessert…damn. Shouldn’t be thinking of this when I’m fasting!

  4. My tip would be to actively practice one of the things Ramadaan teaches us – self control. Especially after iftaar, eat moderately and resist stuffing yourself with every available thing there is to eat, despite the urge to do so. Apart from counteracting the fast of the day, it also leads to discomfort and is unhealthy. (It’s a tip I need to bear in mind, myself!)
    I’d love a nandos 1/4 chicken combo meal for iftaar! 🙂

  5. I don’t know if this counts, but I’ve done a guide on how to “tech out” your Ramadan: http://www.mydigitallife.co.za/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=1061500&Itemid=350

  6. Well here goes …

    I pray every iftaar that my pregnant wife doesn’t crave Nando’s – why? Because living in Saudi, the nearest Nando’s is in another country lol – yes I’d have to drive to Bahrain or Qatar to enjoy spicy rice or a juicy 1/4 chicken. So to all those who can enjoy Nando’s at a phone call away remember us who have to travel to foreign lands just for something from home, and be grateful lol.

    Next up, I’m always proud when my colleagues from the UK and Canada speak about their Nando’s experiences – and they don’t believe me when I say that Nando’s is a Proudly South African company lol – had one that actually googled it.

    Lastly, If I do win the voucher – could you please donate to those less fortunate as I’ll continue to exercise patience for a juicy chicken burger with corn mmmmmmmm – PS is my fast now Makrooh?

  7. Ramadaan,most definitely the month of the quraan,the month of renewing your islamic ethos and values,the month to appreciate what we have been blessed with,and share some of it with the less fortunate.
    And my kids will get some nandos if the voucher is mine,an excuse to go to the mall:p

  8. my tip is to constantly make dhikr and durood. This way, you won’t feel guilty if your day is busy and you don’t have time to sit down and dedicate much time to prayer.

  9. Ramadaan is truly a month of Rahmah and reflection.
    Not only do we sacrifice our nafs for this month, but it should have some effect on our lifestyle after the month has passed.

    Many of us see it as an opportunity to FEAST and behave like vultures and think of all the possible foods to consume.

    This is not the teachings of our Nabi (S.A.W) as we need to exercise modesty.

    My tip would be to have a healthy suhoor that will sustain you throughout the day by eating a banana, some oats and a glass of water in the morning as well as a multivitamin to give you that boost.

    This should sustain your hunger and prevent you from binging when it comes to Iftaar; another tip not to binge or overeat at Iftaar is to have Kajoor and 2 glasses of water straight after.

  10. My tip is not only for Ramadaan, but for the entire year.
    If you want to really know your relationship with Allah then look at your relationship with his Quraan.

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