My recommended Magento Extensions

In this last part of my little Magento series, I’m going to list extensions that I currently use along with their costs

Minerva Shipping Extension
– FREE – This extension offers your customers the option to collect their order at your store (or other collection points)

Web Forms
– FREE – A nifty form creator complete with Captcha allowing you to build your own contact forms and embed it anywhere on your website.
In my case I had a little Product Enquiry form put into all product pages.

Bank Payment
– FREE – Allows your customers the option to pay by Bank Transfer/EFT, the checkout process is complete and custom is given bank account details to complete payment.

Fooman Speedster
– FREE-† Must have extension that gives your Magento store a speed boost. It compresses and caches your JS and CSS code.

Seamless Delete Order
– FREE- For some odd reason (staff security i guess) Magento does not allow you to easily delete orders. I’d recommend this extension to use in a test enviroment and delete all your sample orders. In a Live store, rather cancel the order and keep a record of it somewhere instead of deleting it altogether.

Fooman Jirafe
– FREE – A fantastic little realtime analytics extension. While not as indepth as Google Analytics, it gives you some quick and valuable information such as keywords, referrals, conversion info and more.

Ebizmarts Mailchimp Integration
– FREE – a must have extension to integrate your magento store with your Mailchimp email list and order tracking

Global PDF
– 90euro – This extension allows you to create a PDF catalog of your store.† You can edit existing pdf’s for your shipping, invoicing and so on. We use it primarily to generate a printable catalog of our products. Their support is rudimentary at best but documentation is precise and detailed. More then enough to get going.

Quick Add Product
– 60euro -† The default version of this extension allows you to create products quicker then the normal Magento “step by step” method. Unfortunately it lacked the ability to include an image and category.† I have since modified this to include those missing features and further modifying it to do a few custom actions. More on this in another blog post.

Magento Payment Gateway
*I have not used this but most likely plan on using it in coming weeks.*
– R600 (about $70) – A† Magento MyGate payment gateway script. They also offer various other gateway extensions.

This is by no means a definitive Magento list however† I can assure you i have tried, tested and successfully implemented these in my stores.

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  1. Hi,
    I see that you are like having the ability to create PDFs from Magento. I would appreciate your checking out Catalog-on-Demand. Let me know what you think!
    Thanks, Tim

  2. i had a look at this one, its pretty impressive. although we needed a very basic one so the extension i listed suited our needs perfectly.

  3. Salaam Naeem.co.za,

    Have you ever gotten around to implementing one of the payment gateway extensions from customscripts.co.za for your Magento website. If so, which payment gateway have you ultilised and is the company reputable?

  4. i ended up using one from http://www.Cre8aweb.com – Arneau and his team subsequently built me a Magento MyGate eBucks module too. We’v been using both for 2 months with very great results.

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