Photo’s from the top of Mount Moosa

sunrise at the top of mount moosa

Decided to go through some past images from our trip to Egypt earlier this year. The images in this post were taken at the top of Mount Moosa (Jabel Moosa) in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Also known as Mount Sinai, Mount Horeb, Mount Musa, Jabal Musa. You can read more about this over at Wikipedia

It was quite an adventure getting to the top which starts with a 2 hour taxi drive at midnight. Then at about 2:30am, armed with a flashlight and light snacks you begin your hike to the top and push along to make it in time to witness the sunrise from the peak. Don’t expect to have any spiritual awakening here as you are joined with about 100+ tourists and dozens of Egyptian traders trying to sell you snacks and stones. Nevertheless, a tremendous experience and great photo opportunity.

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