Wadi Risch Rasch

We did a little desert trip labeled “Following the footsteps of King Farouk, the last king of Egypt”

Roughly 70km outside of Cairo, after the Helwan toll-road, the driver literally took a 90degree left turn off the highway into the desert. No markers or signs, just a GPS and a broken down concrete barrier showed the evidence of this unofficial route. Apparently Bedouins use this to cross through the mountains toward the Red Sea. Why? To smuggle hashish!

Approximately 10km into the desert on rocky dirt roads, the original tarmac road has be completely wiped out in the last 50 years by flash-floods and sandstorms, we reach the hunting outpost by King Farouk. Apparently this was also used to house the exiled King of Albania. These days Bedouins use this for a shelter or rendezvous point and all that’s left are empty structures and dried out gardens.

Lots of dusty wind, extreme heat and harsh sun meant many of the images below had to be photoshopped a bit.
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