Sufi meets folk dance

A must see tourist attraction for the non tourist types. This sufi meets folk dance performance is held 3 times a week at the Wikalet El-Ghoury in the heart of Islamic Cairo.

History says that Sultan Qonsuah Al Ghoury was the sultan in the Memluk Dynasty. What is the theater today, housed merchants, markets & the Sultans family many generations ago. Apparently this building has been standing since the 15th century.

The performance is held every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday evenings. Entrance is completely free of charge and doors open at 7:30pm. I suggest you get there early as it tends to fill up quite quickly. The performance begins at 8:30pm and lasts for approximately One and a half hours.

Pictures below:

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  1. These pictures are beautiful!

  2. some impressive shots in here. the B/W is a winner, amazing. really love that one.

    What camera do you use?

  3. thanks man. technically, Black and white images are really color pictures (with light shades of color and thousands of shades of grey to give effect)

    Using a Canon 1000D, fyi original exif info of that image: Iso1600, F5.6 – 1/60s – 55mm

  4. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

  5. you have a natural eye for a shot. I look forward to seeing more from Egypt. I love that country

  6. Awesome mate. Must be a cultural OD being over there. Watch out for the skelm taxi drivers 🙂

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