Cairo and Working Online

This post will breakdown the various tech that Im using to continue work while travelling and studying in Cairo.

Firstup is hardware. Im using a medium level Asus Notebook K50ij series with 2gigs of ram, 320g storage, Intel Dual Core T4300. This has surprised me with its speed and ability to multi-task with Photoshop, Corel draw, Gmail and a few other browsers. Lastly a 500g external usb powered drive for daily backups of all files, settings, software, etc. Watching movies and playing games is not a priority hence a 15 LED backlit screen suits me just fine.

For file management between JHB offices, webclients and myself. We are all using Dropbox. The 2gig free version is more then enough to keep things going smoothly. Website updates, advert submissions and text documents are all handled through this. A few successful referrals has bumped me to about 4gigs of online storage.

Now add in Skype, MSN, Gmail and SMS text messaging to keep constant contact with colleagues, friends and family at a near free cost. Skype to landlines (to south african landlines) costs about R5 for a 10 minute call. Obviously Skype to Skype is free and preferred. Free Video calls are an added bonus!

Connectivity is where Egypt shines! Broadband is fast, relatively cheap and accessible almost everywhere.

We are using Etisalats 3.75g hsdpa post-paid option. 1750egp (about R2360) gets you a high speed up to 7mbps USB modem and unlimited monthly usage for 6 months. Thereafter its 299pounds per month. However their fair use policy is good for up to 6gigs. Thereafter throttled to 64k speeds.
In short, 290egp per month for 6gigs & USB modem included. The modem has a MicroSD memory card slot which allows it to act as a flash drive too.

A cheaper option is a slightly slower USB stick modem and 1gig prepaid for 99egp (about R135) simply recharge by paying cash at an Etisalat store or scratch cards.

Mobile phones, once again is cheap and cost effective,
SMS costs .25egp local and .80egp international. Calls are per minute and cost between .25egp and 50egp for local calls. We are using Skype for international calls 🙂

check out www.etisalat.com.eg for the full breakdown

Apparently the apartment we move in tomorrow has broadband at 50egp per month. While Im not sure about the speed, it would most likely be rather fast due to an internet cafe operating in the same building. Methinks the landlord (who owns it all) piggybacks of their connectivity.

LinkDsl offers extremely cheap broadband fellow South Africans can sob a tear when viewing their website and pricing. We will most likely stick to 3.75g hsdpa for easier movements.

Lastly my trusty Canon 300D dslr camera has been replaced by a 1000D. Added bonus is the SD Memory card storage and my notebook having a built in SD memory card slot. One less device to carry with.

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  1. Bro,
    Wish u the best of luck.
    If you want, I can set you up with a VOIP number where you can call SA and SA can call you at the cost of a local call. Definitely cheaper and more convenient than Skype.
    No monthly rental for you buddy..only your pre-paid call costs.
    A SIP account for you, will send you instructions to setup if you take my offer. You can even get yourself an IP phone from Egypt and you dont need your laptop to be switched on in order to make or receive calls. It will be normal telephone use.

    O-Tel call costs are amongst the lowest! R0.49c to landlines, R1.50 to cell (ex vat)..cheaper than your local telkom.
    If anyone calls you from SA, Telkom to O-Tel is about R0.57 (same as Telkom to Telkom)!

    Can’t beat it! just give me some mileage on the service ,and my logo on ur site for duration of use..thats all!

  2. I’m glad you found a place so quick… I’d stay away from Link dot net… terrible customer service. Etisalaat deal is good for a traveler… I pay around 200 le per month for unlimited downloads at 2 megabits.

    Gimme a call when you have time.

  3. Slmz brother

    All the best – Keep in touch!

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