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Recently I have been subjected to a spate of emails and telephone calls from friends and strangers asking me to host their website. I’m no web hosting guru, and do not plan to be one. Yes I have a the odd dedicated server, shared hosting and so on which I use to host my own sites and a few close clients.

Everyone else? Allow me to recommend a few companies. The first two I can personally testify to their excellent service and competitive pricing. You get what you pay for and the $1.99 rubbish from the so called companies, well that can only end badly.

Webapps – www.webapps.co.za – Autostyle is hosted with these guys, nuff said. I have been dealing with Webapps since 2001 and they continue to impress me. From bulk sms, email, hosting, domains etc etc. Yes they aren’t perfect and over the years our Autostyle site has had its fair share of technical issues and downtime. Their dedication wins me over everytime. Show me a South African web host who will give you support and get your site to optimum performance at 11pm on a Saturday night?

They do offer cheaper packages but I’ll recommend them for high traffic websites. Autostyle.co.za pushes out nearly 200 gigs a month in traffic.

MediaTemple – www.mediatemple.net - USA based guys. Apparently all the hotshot ad agencies, brands, designers and new media gurus host with these guys. They have a fantastic, easy to use administration panel too. $20/month. I googled for some discount vouchers and paid the year upfront which brought my monthly cost to less then $15. Tons of space, a shedload of bandwidth and as many domains as you wish. Very slick, very reliable and topnotch support.
Perfect for startup websites, blogs and online stores. Many wordpress clients of mine are running on MT.

Hetzner – www.hetzner.co.za – Local guys who claim to have German efficiency. Personally I have not hosted anything with them but good friends of mine have, and no complaints, downtime or anything negative directed to them. Prices seem very competitive too.

There are dozens of other leading web hosting companies locally and overseas. However I have not used them so will not vouch for their service or value.

Perhaps add your preferred host in the comments below?

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  1. Aslkm..
    A couple of companies offering hosting:

    Prices very reasonable, but cannot vouch for efficiency.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Chrysis Sofianos and I represent Akooka. Indeed our prices are reasonable, but it does not stop there. We have a 99.9% uptime, and offer unparalleled service and support. Our compliments at hellopeter.com or a quick glance at our customer testimonials on our homepage confirm this.

    Do take a look at http://www.akooka.com or alternately email us at [email protected].

  3. Rather have a look at what people have to say about South African hosting companies.

    In this website you will find a comparison of features, speeds, uptime and much more.

    🙂 So check it out on http://www.webhostreview.co.za

    I like Ultimate Host, Host Gator, Hetzner

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