Ecommerce Fraudster Moron

Online fraud. Cornerstone of any successful ecommerce store. Autostyle is no exception. Every week we cancel a bunch of orders which slip through the banks, slip through the online gateways and end up ‘approved’ in our mail boxes.

We do have measures in place to prevent this and having less then 5 charge backs over 3 years is a pretty good average I think.

The scammer below sent us a copy of his credit card and Identity Document as part of our verification process.

I’m offended, at least have the decency and professionalism to send proper ‘fake’ documents instead of this newbie induced photoshop vomit.

Seriously – this is the original image he sent.



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    O My Word!

    I have no words…honestly…

  2. Next time send him a big old bag full of cement stones. Send it from some other country, declare it as very valuable (value of USD 50,000 or something like that) and make him pay the customs for that amount.


  3. Ha ha, that is brilliant. Got to give him credit for trying, even if he is a moron newbie at the game! 🙂

  4. Ok wow, that must be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…

  5. The sad part of it is that there ARE merchants that would fall for it. We end up getting a lot of our members after they fall for things that bad. At least you had the good sense to ask for the documents. I lot of folks would just be so delighted to get an order for 10 of whatever they are selling that they’ll ship to Nigeria, Russia, where ever, thinking they just made their first big sale.

    Tom Mahoney, Director

  6. Yoh! Some ou’s are desperate for spoilers and LED strips huh!

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