Koh Panyi in Photographs

During December 2014, we did some island-hopping tours in and around Phuket.  One of these hops included the village of Koh Panyi.

Koh Panyi is mostly on wooden stilts and has a predominantly Muslim population. Fishing and tourism is their primary income.

Check out the YouTube video at the end of this post for a feel-good story of their floating soccerfield and history.

Larger pics can be found on my flickr photoset

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Bangkok Faces & Life

The first of many photo posts from our time spent traveling and adventuring in South East Asia.
We started off in Thailand, worked our way to Indonesia (Bali), Malaysia and finally Singapore.

Most of these photographs were taking at the Damnoen floating market.

Check out my flickr for higher resolution copies of these pictures.

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Quickly Turn a WooCommerce Store into a Catalog

I’ve been rolling out a few WooCommerce based online stores recently, this time the client requested to take down his store for 2 weeks. His business is still in early startup stage and running the store solo, he was going on vacation and unfortunately could not find an assistant in time. While he is able to answer emails & queries, physically packing and delivering goods will not be possible.

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